Are you looking for the best authentic Greek gyros & souvlaki in United Kingdom?
Look no further than Pitta Lab, your search easily ends with us.


Two childhood friends arrived in United Kingdom with a vision; to share with the world the wonderful Greek flavours! With love, a lot of savings and efforts, they managed to make this dream come true!

The journey started from the historic town of Colchester. A food truck was located in the central market allowing everyone to get to know how proper Greek gyros look and taste like. Pitta Lab – Food truck soon became the new favorite of the town with people traveling from across the city to savor our souvlaki!

From Britain’s oldest recorded town – Colchester, we are now based in North East London, in the vibrant and cool Hackney. Pitta Lab – Restaurant offers traditional Greek street food, as well as many vegetarian and vegan options, satisfying every desire!

Our menu constitutes of amazing quality Greek products, like our gyros, souvlaki and halloumi. You can find those and many more delicious Greek treats on our restaurant on offer!

So.. If you are on the lookout for some proper Greek food in Hackney, please come by! We guarantee to make your Greek experience unforgettable.


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